SWIS 2018 Presentations

And Here is the Incredible Presentation List for SWIS 2018:

SWIS 2018 Training Stream

Matt Nichol – Art and Science of Training, Coaching, and Developing Team Sport Athletes


Bill Kazmaier and Ed Coan – Legendary Powerlifting Workshop

Matt Wenning – Bench Press Technique Workshop

Christian Thibaudeau and Mai-Linh Dovan -The Best Exercise Strategies for Optimal Restoration, Activation and Workout Preparation

Lorne Goldenberg – Progressions and Regressions of Strength Exercise

Jim Wendler – High School Strength Training

Mindi O’Brien – Tips, Tricks and Advanced Posing Techniques for Bikini, Fitness and Physique Competitors Workshop

John Meadows and Dr. Scott Stevenson – Advanced Bodybuilding Training, Nutrition and Drugs

Justin Kavanaugh – Assessment and Strength and Conditioning Programs for Speed

Female Competition Training-Nutrition Panel

SWIS 2018 Nutrition Stream

Dr. Eric Serrano - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Testosterone But Were Afraid to Ask

Stan Efferding - Vertical Diet

Luke Leaman - Prepping to Prep: Thinking outside the box of pre-competition nutrition

William Llewellyn – Steroids,SARMs,and other Performance Substances: What you Need to Know, and Should Forget


Rick Collins – Fitness and Performance Enhancing Drug Laws

Dr. Robert Silverman – Hormonal Dysregulation due to Toxicity and Organ Dysfunctions

SWIS Nutrition Panel – Supplements and Steroids 2.0 – Myths, Misconceptions and the Truth

Victoria Felkar – FemChem: Women's Health, Birth Control and Steroids

David Sandler – Supplements...The Alternative Solution To Anabolics???

Dr. Darryn Willoughby – Hormonal Altering Supplements

Doug Caporrino - The Importance of Hormonal and Micronutrient Testing - How to Read Lab Tests, and Modify your Diet, Supplements and Drugs

SWIS 2018 Rehab Stream

Paul Gagne – Optimal Shoulder Alignment for Sports Performance

Brendan Fox – Weight Training Shoulder Pain Due to Scapular Dyskinesis

JL Holdsworth – Advanced Grip Strength Training

Dr. Stu McGill and Brian Carroll - Gift of Injury


SWIS Rehab Panel

Dr.Dale Buchberger – Advanced Rotator Cuff Exercises and Treatment

Ian King – Does Powerlifting Transfer to Sport?

Andrew Lock – The Permanent Solution to Anterior Shoulder Pain in Bench Pressing - Protocols for Success

Karsten Jensen – Shoulder Mobility for The Olympic Lifts

Eoin Lacey – Sleep and how the lack of it affects the hormonal system

Ken Whetham and Sheri Whetham - Kettlebell Technique and Program Design

Dr. Ken Kinakin - Exercise and Nutritional Diagnostics and Tools

SWIS 2018 Treatment Stream

Dr. David Leaf – Advanced Upper Body Muscle Testing Workshop

Dr. Peter Jaillet – Brain Based Treatment for Upper Body Weight Training Injuries Workshop

Dr. Karim Dhanani –
Hormonal Pathway Blockage Testing and Optimization


Dr. Mike Leahy– Connecting Diagnosis, Treatment and Function by Manual Methods 

Heather Pearson – Assessment and Treatment of Female Weight Training Injuries

Dr. John Rusin – Fixing Dave Tate

Kelly Armstrong – MPS NeurostimTreatment for Concussion and Brain Trauma affecting Hormones

Janel Vegter – Massage Therapy and Soft Tissue Techniques for Weight Training Injuries

Dr. Eric Serrano and Dr. Karim Dhanani - SWIS Pain Management Panel

Jay Campbell and Dr. Keith Nichols - Testosterone Optimization Therapy


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