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About SWIS
The Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists (SWIS) is focused on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of weight-training injuries.

The Mission of SWIS

The mission of SWIS is to have therapeutic professionals work with professional trainers who train clients in a one-on-one or group setting. The goal of SWIS is to create a win-win-win relationship between the doctor/therapist, the trainer and the client. The trainer will be able to know certain doctors or therapists that understand weight-training and how to fix different injuries for their clients that they can refer over to. The doctors and therapists will feel confident to refer over a patient to a trainer knowing that they will not re-injure the patient due to inadequate training technique or program design. The patient/client will know that they are taken care of properly since everyone is working together. This is the win-win-win relationship. So SWIS is focused on creating a “bridge” for the doctors/therapists and the gym trainers. This will allow each profession to do the best work they can.

The Purpose of SWIS

The purpose of SWIS is to have you experience the art and science of assessing a client for readiness to train. SWIS is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of weight-training injuries and will do its best to create educational opportunities where you can access the top training and treatment protocols.

SWIS Symposiums

SWIS has been putting on symposiums since 1999 and has hundreds of presentation videos. 

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